Kids Program

Important Change to St. George’s Youth Zoom Schedule

(as of February 21, 2021)


We are pleased to announce that St. George will be participating in our Metropolis’ “Lenten Journey to Great and Holy Pascha” (See flyer on the next page-8). This is a fantastic opportunity to learn about our Lenten traditions as well as meet other kids from all over our Metropolis. It is important to note that any interested pre-school through eighth grader must register online for the program. You can register HERE.



As of February 21st, our weekly Zoom meetings for each age group will be as follows:

Pre-School through 2nd Grade

We will continue doing our regular Activity Time every other week through Pascha (Feb. 7th and 21st, March 7th and 21st , April 4th and 18th) However, any families who would like to participate in the Metropolis Lenten program are encouraged to sign up HERE.


Zoom Link for St. George’s Activity Time can be found HERE.

Meeting ID: 862 3910 5555

Passcode: 534903



3rd through 6th grade

St. George will be hosting all of the 5th and 6th graders in the Metropolis Lenten program beginning Sunday, February 21st. Our next scheduled meeting will be on February 21st at 12:30PM with the entire Metropolis. In order to participate, we ask each child to register. You can sign up HERE.



Junior High (7th-8th grade)

Our regularly scheduled Tuesday meetings will continue through February 9th (Join Zoom HERE). Beginning Sunday, February 21st our new meeting time will be 12:30-1:30PM on Sundays. You can sign up HERE.



High School

Our high school group will continue doing our Relationship Project meetings on Mondays at 6:30PM (Join Zoom HERE)

Meeting ID: 814 2593 8657

Passcode: 456545


We are also looking for interested high school and college students to help as mentors for our Lenten Journey Project. If you are interested in getting leadership experience and teaching, please let John know and sign-up HERE.