Social Hall Modernization


The St. George Parish Council set off in 2017 to help guide their church to grow in a positive direction and so created the Strategic Plan: VISION 100; complemented by five committees:

Welcome Committee

Youth Committee

Retreat Committee

Stewardship Committee

Building Facilities Planning Committee 

In this thought process, a nerve was struck and thought if we were in this process to grow, then we needed a building facility to grow with us. 

“If you build it, they will come!”

The Building Facilities Committee, made up of a smattering of eighteen parishioners of different professional backgrounds, was to help this idea get off the ground.  Two sub committees were also created to better facilitate the needs of a new kitchen equipment layout as well as fundraising. 

The drawings and images you see below have taken more than a year with a new floor plan presented in each meeting.  More than twelve renditions were created to satisfy the needs of all current and future staff.

This new hall modernization will have the same basic layout and room locations as our existing three buildings but, at nearly 2.5 times the size and under one roof.  It will also accommodate an economical use of space and energy efficient altogether.  The first level of 25,325sf is composed of a main lobby, a very large, dual purpose banquet area capable of holding 70 banquet tables (that’s 700 people folks) or basketball / sport court, a secondary and dividable banquet area capable of holding up to 20 banquet tables (another 200 people), a 2500sf kitchen with plenty of cooking, prep and washing areas and a greater capacity to store dry, refrigerated and frozen goods all year round.  The East patio alone could accommodate up to 400 people with an option for covered or open-air trellised seating.

The second level of 10,521sf is composed of seven large classrooms, an open-air, enclosed playground and clerical space for all church and classroom staff.  The second level also includes a perimeter catwalk around the inside of the basketball court; a useful feature for photographers.  A balcony directly over the main lobby; could accommodate up to 15 tables that overlook the West end of the site for great sunset views during festivals and outings.  Vertical circulation will provide access directly from kitchen to second level balcony for catered banquet needs.

We present this new modernized building not only to our parish but, our community.  Are you looking for a space to host a catered event, a wedding needing space for 400+ guests with space for a dance floor and all the amenities of a banquet space?  Are you a small group within our Fresno County community that would like to meet on a weekly and/or monthly basis for a chef prepared or buffet lunch?  Are you a local basketball or volleyball club that needs a place to practice during the off-season?  We will do our best to accommodate.  This new building will provide a greater opportunity to meet your needs than most banquet halls in the Fresno City and Fresno County areas.

Should you consider supporting this great venture with us, we invite you to make a donation.  If you can donate $2,500, $5,000 or $10,000, we will engrave a brick with your family name or organization to reflect your support.  Your brick will be forever placed on our memorial wall to be located on the westerly side of our exterior amphitheater, viewable by all.

Construction utility upgrades for our site are set to begin the summer of 2021 and the building construction will begin the fall of 2021.  Our plan is to be complete by our church’s 100th birthday in 2023!

Thank you for supporting St. George’s New Hall Modernization.